Je pleure.

I grieve.

I grieve over this election. I grieve over Trump’s victory.

I grieve, not because he wants to reform immigration laws. I grieve, not because he wants to improve gun laws without infringing on the constitutional right to bear arms. I grieve, not because he is pro-birth and his views on the matter disagree with my own. I grieve, not because he wants to take health insurance and birth control away from people who need it.

I grieve because his desire to reform immigration derives from his racism. I grieve because he doesn’t want to improve America for non-Americans desiring citizenship. I grieve because his blatant hate and disrespect for other races has individuals who are equally racist believing that their hostility and intolerance is justified.

I grieve because he thinks it is not only funny but appropriate and acceptable to talk about sexually assaulting women. I grieve because so many citizens now believe that grabbing and groping is acceptable. I grieve because so many people are laughing about it; like the brutality and violence against women, and the oppression of and the power over women, is funny.

I grieve because the hate crimes that have resulted from this election are unacceptable, but Trump has led people to believe that such malevolence towards others is tolerable. I grieve because this election has brought out the worst of both sides. I grieve because I have to fear being a woman now more than ever.

I grieve for the women who have been assaulted by men who feel empowered by Trump’s stance. I grieve for the non-Caucasians who have found themselves the victims of animosity and bullying by those who feel enabled by Trump’s words.

I grieve for my country.

And I hope things work out.